GeoCube is a gCube application bundle offering facilities to practitioners dealing with geospatial information. It included the following applications.

Geospatial Data Discovery This application offers facilities for browsing and visualising geospatial data. In particular, these include facilities to navigate, search and discovery layers from a GeoNetwork instance via the OGC CSW protocol. Moreover, these include facilities to interactively explore, manipulate, visualize, compare, and analyse geospatial data.

Geospatial Data Processing This application offers facilities for executing a rich array of data processing tasks on geospatial data. It supports the typical spatial tasks, e.g. contain, cover, covered by, cross, disjoint, intersect, overlap, touch, within distance; most complex functions such as union, difference, intersection (to computes the percentages of overlap between different areas on the compared maps); and finally maps comparison (supported formats include WFS, OPeNDAP and ASC) and spatial aggregation at different resolutions. Moreover, the application enables the invocation of services exposing their capabilities via the OGC WPS protocol.

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