Data Management Facilities

gCube Data Management facilities are dedicated to provide its users with a rich array of services for the management of data in the context of the whole infrastructure. This page collects the specifications related to the three key-areas of the facilities.

Data Access and Storage

Accessing data sources for retrieval or storage purposes is a fundamental requirement for a wide range of system processes, including indexing, transfer, transformation, and presentation. Equally, it is a main driver for clients that interface the resources managed by the system or accessible through facilities available within the system. For further information, please see this article.

Data Transfer

The implementation of a reliable data transfer mechanisms between the nodes of a gCube-based Hybrid Data Infrastructure is one of the main objectives when dealing with large set of multi-type datasets distributed across different repositories.  For further information, please see this article.

Data Assessment, Harmonisation, and Certification Facilities

gCube is a software suite equipped with a rich array of services capable to interface with data sources having different characteristics both in terms of data types these sources offers (e.g. from document data, to statistical, biodiversity, and semantic data - see Data Access and Storage Facilities) and the heterogeneity of data belonging to the same type. For further information, please see this article.

See Also

Data Consumption

Data Consumption facilities are dedicated to users needing services for the exploitation of data ranging from retrieval to processing and visualisation.

Core Facilities

Core facilities are dedicated to provide its users with a range of services for the operation and management of the whole infrastructure.


APIs for Data Management and Consumption, to provide programmatic access to the Infrastructure's resources.