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To find and explore gCube open source code, to see its statistics and how it ranks in comparison with other open source projects visit the related page on Open Hub.


There are three distibution bundles available for download. Two types  for gCube Node and one for gCube Portal.

Any gCube-enabled Service Oriented Infrastructure is based on a set of gCube Nodes. In addition we provide a gCube Portal for interfacing with the infrastructure. For further information please see this article.


A gCube Portal is the users access gateway to any gCube Infrastructure, among its components it contains an out-of-the-box Infrastructure Monitor. See a real working example here. gCube adopts Liferay Portal as enabling portal technology for its Infrastructure Gateway. gCube portal is built over Liferay Portal  6.2 CE GA6 (Newton / Build 6205 / January 6, 2016). For further information please see this article.


To get the full list of gCube Web Services or gCube Portlets instead please see the gCube Releases page or visit our project on GitHub.



gCube Portal Distro

Starting from 3.0 release, the gCube Infrastructure Gateway has been mavenized, this make installing it a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete.

gCube wHN Distro

This is the SmartGears Hosting Node distribution, a Web Service container turning Servlet-based containers and applications into gCube resources, transparently. Recommended if you are developing your own Web Service or want to use our latest services.

gCube gHN distro

This is the (legacy) gCube Hosting Node distribution, a container comprising a set of WSRF specific services and libraries that turn services and applications into gCube resources. Needed for creating and setting up your own service oriented infrastructure.